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I am fascinated by the psychology of abuse, especially in familial relationships. While the motivation is usually power, the nature of abuse comes in different packages, especially when it is non-physical (and often under-recognized).

So, I found it encouraging when I read in an online newspaper that:

The Delhi high court has observed that casting aspersions on the character of a spouse is the worst form of cruelty and amounts to mental torture.

This is India we are talking about, where such abuse is possibly routinely administered, suffered and sadly, not even recognized for what it is. Emotional/verbal abuse, in all its glorious forms, such as character assassination and crazymaking, is doubly insidious because it is invisible. This happens because sometimes family members (including or other than the spouse or partner), and often society at large, condone or even participate in offensive behaviors, mostly under the guise of ‘tradition’ (often a euphemism for patriarchy).

Traditions are certainly not always about patriarchy. But, abuse is always bad and has no good excuses.


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